Skinny Starving Angels

Brittany/ 16 years old/ Recovering Anorexic with Purge Tendancies/Anxiety/&I want to die most of the time. I really like music and it's gotten me through a lot.
I don't want to trigger anyone, this is for myself and to relate to other girls or boys who deal with this on a daily basis as well.
I have good days and bad days sometimes I'm all for recovery and sometimes I pray for a relapse that lasts, but I know recovery is what I need, I know I need to shake off any self hatred, and I know that's hard but I'll make it through and you will too.
I feel like shit 99.9% of my life.
My followers keep me going, I love every single one of you. I want each person that goes on this blog to smile for me, because you are beautiful. More beautiful than you could ever imagine.
Stay Strong, you have this and I love you.

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